Meja Dapur Rumah Sakit Stainless Steel

Meja Dapur Rumah Sakit Stainless Steel
Stok Ready
Di lihat 2045 kali
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Meja Dapur Rumah Sakit Stainless Steel


Meja Dapur Rumah Sakit Stainless Steel

Produk – produk lainnya yang juga tersedia di toko kami Cahaya Alkes Pusat Belanja Alkes Jakarta diantaranya yaitu :

Produk Furniture Rumah Sakit Kami

Tiang Infus Stainless steel
Tiang Infus Powder Coating
Troly Instrument Stainless Steel
Troly Instrument Kaca
Troly Emergency
Dressing Troly
Troly Linen
Troly Instrument 3 Susun Stainless Steel
 Troly Instrument 2 susun powder coating kaca
Meja Makan Pasien Stainless Stell ( Meja Mayo )
Meja Makan Pasien Powder Coating ( Meja Mayo )
Meja Periksa Pasien Stainless Steel ( Examination Table )
Meja Periksa Pasien Powder Coating ( Examination Table )
Meja Periksa Pasien 1 Loker 3 laci
Meja Periksa Pasien 1 Loker 5 laci
Brankar Komplit Stainless Steel
Brankar Ambulance Stainless Steel
Bed Pasien 1 Crank Standard ( Ranjang Pasien )
Bed Pasien 1 Crank ABS ( Ranjang Pasien )
Bed Pasien 2 Crank Standard ( Ranjang Pasien )
Bed Pasien 2 Crank ABS ( Ranjang Pasien )
Bed Pasien 3 Crank Standard ( Ranjang Pasien )
Bed Pasien 3 Crank ABS ( Ranjang Pasien )
Bed Pasien 3 Crank Electric ABS ( Ranjang Pasien )
Bed Pasien 3 Crank Electric Kupu Kupu ( Ranjang Pasien )
Sekat Ruangan Rumah Sakit 4 Bidang Sekat
Bed ICU 4 Crank Electric
Baby Box Powder Coating ( Box Bayi Rumah Sakit )
Baby Box Stainless Steel ( Box Bayi Rumah Sakit )
Partus Bed/ Verlos Bed/ Ginekology Bed p.c
Partus Bed/ Verlos Bed/ Ginekology Bed s.s
Meja Resusitasi Bayi
Sekat Ruangan rumah sakit 3 bidang
Lemari Obat 1 Pintu Powder Coating
Lemari Obat 2 Pintu Stainless Steel
Bed Side Cabinet Powder Coating
Bed Side Cabinet Stainless Steel
Bed Side Cabinet ABS
Obgyn Bed Stainless Steel
Obgyn Bed Powder Coating
Obgyn Bed Electric
Lemari Obat 2 Pintu Powder Coating
Incubator Bayi Biasa
Incubator Bayi Electric
Bed Ginekology Electric
Infan Warmer Electric
Waskom 1 Lubang
Waskom 2 Lubang
Sekat Tirai Ruangan Rumah Sakit 1 Sekat bidang
Sekat Tirai Ruangan Rumah Sakit 2 Sekat bidang
  • Bed Patient Standard ( Tempat tidur pasien )
  • Meja Resusitasi ( Baby Table )
  • Baby Box
  • Incubator
  • Bed Site Cabinet
  • Instrument Cabinet
  • Infus Stand ( Tiang Infus )
  • Mayo Stand St.Steel ( Meja Mayo )
  • Over Bed Table
  • Meja Periksa ( Examination Table )
  • Foot Step
  • Gynecology Table ( Meja Ginekologi )
  • Verlos Bed
  • Mobile Strecher
  • Emergency Strecher
  • Brancard Ambulance
  • Dressing Trolley
  • Trolley Instrument kaca
  • Double Bowl Stand
  • Medicine Trolley ( Meja Obat )
  • Emergency Trolley
  • Linen Hamper Carriage
  • Laundry Trolley
  • Oxygen Trolley
  • Instrument Trolley
  • Instrument Cabinet double Door ( Lemari Obat 2 Pintu )
  • Lemari Obat 1 Pintu
  • Pediatrics Bed
  • Antitrauma Scooping Stretcher
  • Automatic Loading Stretcher
  • Hospital Bed 2 Crank Deluxe ( Tempat Tidur Pasien 2 Engkol )
  • Hospital Bed No Crank Standard ( Tempat tidur pasien standard )
  • Hospital Bed 1 Crank Deluxe ( Tempat tidur pasien 1 Engkol )
  • Examination Lamp
  • Incubator Thermostat
  • Tirai Pasien 3 Bidang
  • Cleaner Trolley
  • Bed Patient 3 Crank Electric ( Tempat tidur pasien 3 engkol elektrik )
  • Bed Patient 3 Crank Electric ABS ( Tempat tidur pasien 3 engkol bahan abs kupu-kupu )

Produk Alat Peraga Kami

MD/LV3 Phantom Manikin Bedah Jahitan
MD/A10002 Phantom Manikin Dual Sex Torso 20 Part
MD/A45S Phantom Manikin Food Model
MD/H09KS Phantom Manikin Kulit Sirkum
MD/HS2 Phantom Manikin Lengan Infus
MD/LV1 Phantom Manikin Lengan Luka Jahit
MD/A15104 Phantom Manikin Median Section Female Pelvis
MD/A15101 Phantom Manikin Median Section Male Pelvis
MD/FT2 Phantom Manikin Model Bayi Newborn
MD/H17E, 17F Phantom Manikin Model Cateter Simulator Laki Perempuan
MD/H18F Phantom Manikin Model Catheter Female Simulator
MD/H18E Phantom Manikin Model Catheter Male Simulator
MD/F7B Phantom Manikin Model Cek Kanker Payudara
MD/F3B Phantom Manikin Model Episiotomy Trainer
MD/H11A Phantom Manikin Model Gigi Anak
MD/H11D Phantom Manikin Model Gigi Dewasa
MD/F5L Phantom Manikin Model IUD Training Simulator
MD/A16007 Phantom Manikin Model Jantung Dewasa Type 2
MD/A16006 Phantom Manikin Model Jantung Dewasa
MD/FT33B Phantom Manikin Model Kontrasepsi IUD Wanita
MD/F9C Phantom Manikin Model Lengan Pasang Implan
MD/F54 Phantom Manikin Model Panggul Latihan Melahirkan
MD/F8 Phantom Manikin Model Panggul Melahirkan
MD/F7A Phantom Manikin Model Perawatan Payudara
MD/A17201 Phantom Manikin Model Telinga
MD/H08PS Phantom Manikin Panggul Sirkum
MD/A42006 Phantom Manikin Pelvis With Uterus In Ninth Mount Pregnanchy
MD/H120A Phantom Manikin Perawatan Multifungsi 2 Kelamin
A001 Manikin Melahirkan Full Body Electric
B001 Manikin Melahirkan Full Body Manual
A002 Basic Nursing Manikin Full Body
A003 Manikin Memandikan Full Body Silicon
B003 Manikin Memandikan Full Body Fiber Glass
A004 Phantom Anak Usia 5-10 Tahun
A005 CPR Electric Half Body
A006 Manikin Tracheotomy NGT Lambung Belakang
A007 Phantom NGT
A008 Phantom Saluran Pernafasan
A009 Phantom Model Kepala Otak
A010 Manikin Palpasi
A011 Manikin Payudara Menyusui Bisa NGT
A012 Manikin Payudara Menyusui
A013 Manikin Breast Care
A014 Manikin Ostomy
A015 Phantom Pinggul Melahirkan Silicon
A016 Manikin Pinggul Melahirkan Fiber Glass
A017 Manikin Leopold
A018 Manikin Panggul KBI KBE
A019 Manikin Kerangka Pinggul Kepala Silicon
A020 Manikin KB IUD Spekulum
A021 Manikin Placenta Bimanual
A022 Manikin IUD
A023 Manikin Planing Educator
A024 Manikin Uterus
A025 Manikin Pembukaan 0-9
A026 Manikin Episiotomi Besar
A027 Manikin Episiotomi Kecil
A028 Manikin Kateter Wanita
A029 Manikin Kateter Pria
A030 Manikin Baby Anne Resusitasi
A031 Manikin Bayi Memandikan
A032 Manikin Bayi Sehat Tali Pusar
A033 Manikin Bayi Resusitasi
A034 Manikin Bayi Placenta
A035 Manikin Bayi Kain Kepala Silicon
A036 Manikin Kaki Luka
A037 Manikin Tangan Luka
B037 Manikin Tangan Jahit
A038 Manikin Tangan Infus
A039 Manikin Lengan Implan
A040 Manikin Bantalan Suntik
A041 Manikin Bantalan Jahit
A042 Manikin Bokong Suntik
A043 Manikin IUD Kotak Merah
A044 Manikin IUD Breast Pump
A045 Manikin Bayi Trachea
A046 Manikin Pelatihan Sunat
A047 Manikin Pemasangan Kondom
A048 Manikin Kerangka Pinggul Mini
A049 Manikin Placenta Silicone
A050 Manikin Torso Full Body
A051 Manikin Torso Pria
A052 Manikin Torso Wanita
A053 Manikin Torso Dwi Fungsi
A054 Manikin Kerangka Manusia
A055 Manikin Model Mata Silicone
B055 Manikin Model Mata Fiber Glass
A056 Manikin Model Telinga Silicone
B056 Manikin Model Telinga Fiber Glass
A057 Manikin Model Jantung Silicone
B057 Manikin Model Jantung Fiber Glass
A058 Manikin Model Jantung dan Paru Paru Silicone
B058 Manikin Model Jantung dan Paru Paru Fiber Glass
A059 Manikin Model Ginjal Fiber Glass
A060 Manikin Model Kulit
A061 Phantom Gigi Anak
A062 Phantom Dental Study
A063 Phantom Model Otak
A064 Manikin Peredaran Darah dan janin
A065 Manikin Perkembangan Janin
A066 Phantom Model Kandungan
A067 Phantom Model Payudara
A068 Phantom Food Model
A069 Phantom Gerak Reflect Electric
A070 Phantom Syaraf Pendengar Electric
A071 Phantom Penampang Reproduksi Pria
A072 Phantom Penampang Reproduksi Wanita
GD/A10001 Human Body Muscles with Internal Organs
GD/A10002 Dual Sex Torso:20-Part
GD/A10003 Dual sex Torso with Open Back:32-part
GD/A10005 Transparent Torso with Main Neural and Vescular Structures
GD/A11101/3 Human skeleton male(85cm)
GD/A11101/1 Human Skeleton With One-side Painted Muscles (male)
GD/A11102/1 Human Skeleton With One-side Painted Muscles (male)
GD/A11105 Vertebral Column with Pelvis
GD/A11109 Lumbar Vertebra Column
GD/A11111/2 Adult Skull with Colored Muscles
GD/A11129 Pelvis with Lumbar Spine and Femoral Head
GD/A11133 Bones of Foot
GD/A11310 Norma, Flat, Arched Foot
GD/A12001 Degestive System
GD/A12009 Liver and Gall Bladder
GD/A13001 Nasal, Oral, Pharynx and Larynx Cavities
GD/A13011 Lobule and Alveolus of Lung
GD/A14001 Urinary Organs
GD/A14007 Kidney,Nephron and Glomerulus
GD/A15101 Median Section of Male Pelvis
GD/A15104 Median Section of Female Pelvis
GD/A16001 Circulatory System Model
GD/A16004 Electronic Heart Best and Blood Circulation Model
GD/A16006 Adult Heart Model
GD/A16007 Adult Heart Model
GD/A16011 Lymphatic System
GD/A17101 Eyeball (2 parts, enlarged 5 times)
GD/A17104 Eyeball with Part of Orbit
GD/A17201 Ear Anatomy
GD/A18001 Neuron Model
GD/A18003 Skeletal Muscular Frbre with Motor End-plate
GD/A18109 Nerves and Vessels in the Facial Skull
GD/A18110 Sympathetic Nerve System
GD/A18219 Brain with Arteries
GD/A18220 Brain with Arteries
GD/A42002 Human Fertilization and Early Embryogeny
GD/A42003 Human Fertilization and Intermediate Embryogeny
GD/A42006 Pelvis with Uterus in Ninth Month Pregnancy
GD/A42008 Fetus with Viscera and Placenta
GD/A42009 Fetal Circulatory System
GD/C00003 Fourteen Channel Acupuncture Manikin(Male 84cm)
GD/C00007 Human Acupuncture Manikin(Male 50cm)
GD/C00008 Human Acupuncture Manikin(Female 48cm)
GD/CPR10150 Infant CPR Training Manikin
GD/CPR140 Infant Obstruction Model
GD/CPR160 Child CPR Training Manikin
GD/CPR175S Advanced Half-bofy CPR Training Manikin
GD/CPR280S Advanced CPR Training Manikin
GD/CPR300S-A Advanced CPR Training Manikin
GD/F20 Childbirth skills training Simulator
GD/F20G Labor Delivery Simulator
GD/F35 Advanced Gynecological Training Simulator
GD/F3B Vulva suturing Training Simulator
GD/F4 Difficult Labor Simulator
GD/F5N IUD Training Model
GD/F6 Leopold Maneuvers Simulator
GD/F7B Advanced Inspection and Palpation of Breast Simulator
GD/F8 Vacuum Delivery Simulator
GD/F9C Advanced Subcutaneous Embedded Contraceptive Training Arm
GD/FT331A Advanced premature infant Model (24 weeks)
GD/FT331B Advanced premature infant Model (30 weeks)
GD/FT33B Female Contraception Simulator
GD/FW1 Maternity Examination Simulator
GD/FW2 Maternity Examination Simulator
GD/H111-20 Advanced Trauma Accessories
GD/H120A Advanced Nursing manikin (Male)
GD/H120B Advanced Nursing Manikin (Female)
GD/H125 Nursing Manikin
GD/H132 Advanced Neonatal Umbillcal Cord Nursing Model
GD/H16E Transparent Male Urethral Catheterization Simulator
GD/H16F Transparent  Female Urethral Catheterization Simulator
GD/H17E Advanced Male Urethral Catheterization Simulator
GD/H17F Advanced Female Urethral Catheterization Simulator
GD/H18E Male Urethral Catheterization Simulator
GD/H2 Multi-functional Nursing Manikin(Female)
GD/H220A Advanced Full-functional Elderly Nursing Manikin
GD/H220B Advanced Full-functional Elderly Nursing Manikin
GD/H23 Adult Tracheotomy Care Model
GD/H24 Child Tracheotomy Care Model
GD/H35 Enema and Assisted Defecation Training Simulator
GD/H80 Multifunctional Transparent Gastric Lavage Training Model
GD/HS10A Electronic Buttocks Intramuscular Injection Simulator
GD/HS10B Advanced Buttocks Intramuscular Injection Simulator
GD/HS2 Multi-Function IV Training Arm
GD/HS20E upper arm intramuscular injction simulator
GD/HS3 Full-function IV Training Arm
GD/HS32 Advanced Pediatric Venipuncture Hand Model
GD/HS5G I.V. Training Elbow
GD/HS5N IV Training Hand
GD/HS7 Advanced Blood Pressure Training Arm
GD/J10 Infant Airway Management Model
GD/J15 Neonate Intubation Training Model
GD/J16 Advanced Child Tracheal Intubation Model
GD/J50 Airway Intubation Simulator
GD/J55 Multi-functional Airway Management Model
GD/L66 Pneumothorax Treating Model
GD/LV1 Advanced Surgical Suture Arm
GD/LV2 Advanced Surgical Suturing Leg
GD/LV3 Advanced Suture Training Kit
GD/A10002 Dual Sex Torso:20-Part
GD/A10003 Dual sex Torso with Open Back:32-part
GD/A11101/1 Aritificial Human Skeleton (male)
GD/A11101/2 Aritificial Human Skeleton (female)
GD/A11102/2 Human Skeleton With One-side Painted Muscles (female)
GD/A11302/1 Muscles of Male (78cm high)
GD/A15110 Mammary Gland in Resting Period
GD/A17201 Ear Anatomy
GD/A18219 Brain with Arteries
GD/42010/1 Placenta Model
GD/CPR160 Child CPR Training Manikin
GD/CPR175S Advanced Half-bofy CPR Training Manikin
GD/CPR180S-F Advanced Full-body CPR Training Manikin
GD/CPR280S Advanced CPR Training Manikin
GD/CPR300S-A Advanced CPR Training Manikin
GD/CPR10150 Infant CPR Training Manikin
GD/F9C Advanced Subcutaneous Embedded Contraceptive Training Arm
GD/F7A Breast Examination Simulator
GD/FT2 Newborn Baby Model (light)
GD/FT3 Newborn Baby Model (light)
GD/FT331A Advanced Premature Infant Model (24 weeks)
GD/FT33B Female Contraception Simulator
GD/FW1 Maternity Examination Simulator
GD/FW2 Maternity Examination Simulator
GD/H120A Advanced Nursing manikin (Male)
GD/H130 Advanced Nursing Baby
GD/H18E Male Urethral Catheterization Simulator
GD/H18F Female Urethral Catheterization Simulator
GD/H90E Decubitus Wound Care Model
GD/H11 Dental Care Model
GD/H70 Basic Nursing Manikin
GD/H126 High Intelligent Comprehensive Nursing Manikin
GD/H38 Ostomy Care Simulator
GD/HS12 Intradermal Injection Arm
GD/HS39 Full-functional Vein Injection Arm
GD/HS5G I.V. Training Elbow
GD/J10 Infant Airway Management Model
GD/J16 Advanced Child Tracheal Intubation Model
GD/J55 Multi-functional Airway Management Model
GD/J5S Electronic Trachea Intubation Model
GD/LV14 Advanced Ocular Inspection Simulator of Retinopathy
GD/LV16 Advanced Ea Inspection Simulator
GD/Z990 Digitacal Remote Controlled Cardiopulmonary auscultation manikin
GD/L67 Pleural Drainage Manikin
Mouth to moouth Face Shield Sheet (50 pcs/box)




Produk Seragam Medis Rumah Sakit


Micropipette Dumo

Cat. # Description of Products Format Volume Quarant
FA-205 Micropipette Fix 2.5 Dumo Unit 2.5 ul 12M
FA-5 Micropipette Fix 5 Dumo Unit 5 ul 12M
FA-10 Micropipette Fix 10 Dumo Unit 10 ul 12M
FA-20 Micropipette Fix 20 Dumo Unit 20 ul 12M
FA-50 Micropipette Fix 50 Dumo Unit 50 ul 12M
FA-100 Micropipette Fix 100 Dumo Unit 100 ul 12M
FA-200 Micropipette Fix 200 Dumo Unit 200 ul 12M
FA-250 Micropipette Fix 250 Dumo Unit 250 ul 12M
FA-500 Micropipette Fix 500 Dumo Unit 500 ul 12M
FA-1000 Micropipette Fix 1000 Dumo Unit 1000 ul 12M
Cat. # Description of Products Format Range Increment
VA-125 Micropipette Variable 125 Dumo Unit 0.1-2.5ul 0,01
VA-100 Micropipette Variable 100 Dumo Unit 0.5-10ul 0,1
VA-200 Micropipette Variable 200 Dumo Unit 5-50ul 0,5
VA-300 Micropipette Variable 300 Dumo Unit 50-200ul 1
VA-400 Micropipette Variable 400 Dumo Unit 200-1000ul 5
VA-500 Micropipette Variable 500 Dumo Unit 10-100ul 0,5
VA-600 Micropipette Variable 600 Dumo Unit 100-1000ul 5
VA-700 Micropipette Variable 700 Dumo Unit 2-20ul 0,1
VA-800 Micropipette Variable 800 Dumo Unit 20-200ul 1
VA-900 Micropipette Variable 900 Dumo Unit 1000-5000ul 50
Cat. # Description of Products Format Volume Quarant
FAP-205 Micropipette Fix 2.5 Dumo Unit 2.5 ul 36M
FAP-5 Micropipette Fix 5 Dumo Unit 5 ul 36M
FAP-10 Micropipette Fix 10 Dumo Unit 10 ul 36M
FAP-20 Micropipette Fix 20 Dumo Unit 20 ul 36M
FAP-50 Micropipette Fix 50 Dumo Unit 50 ul 36M
FAP-100 Micropipette Fix 100 Dumo Unit 100 ul 36M
FAP-200 Micropipette Fix 200 Dumo Unit 200 ul 36M
FAP-250 Micropipette Fix 250 Dumo Unit 250 ul 36M
FAP-500 Micropipette Fix 500 Dumo Unit 500 ul 36M
FAP-1000 Micropipette Fix 1000 Dumo Unit 1000 ul 36M
Cat. # Description of Products Format Range Increment
VAP-125 Micropipette Variable 125 Dumo Unit 0.1-2.5ul 0,01
VAP-100 Micropipette Variable 100 Dumo Unit 0.5-10ul 0,1
VAP-200 Micropipette Variable 200 Dumo Unit 5-50ul 0,5
VAP-300 Micropipette Variable 300 Dumo Unit 50-200ul 1
VAP-400 Micropipette Variable 400 Dumo Unit 200-1000ul 5
VAP-500 Micropipette Variable 500 Dumo Unit 10-100ul 0,5
VAP-600 Micropipette Variable 600 Dumo Unit 100-1000ul 5
VAP-700 Micropipette Variable 700 Dumo Unit 2-20ul 0,1
VAP-800 Micropipette Variable 800 Dumo Unit 20-200ul 1
VAP-900 Micropipette Variable 900 Dumo Unit 1000-5000ul 50


Rapid Test NOVA
Fertility Test
Product Cat # Description Of Product Format Specimen Test/Tube
HCG HCH 112 Rapid Test hCG Urine Nova Test Strip Urine 100 T
HCG HCG 113 Rapid Test hCG UrineNova Test Cassette Urine 25 T
HCG HCG 114 Rapid Test hCG Urine Nova Test Midstream Urine 1 T
LH LH 131 Rapid Test LH Urine Nova Test Strip Urine 100 T
LH LH 132 Rapid Test LH Urine Nova Test Cassette Urine 25 T
Infectious Disease Test
Product Cat # Description Of Product Format Specimen Test/Tube
Hepatitis B HBV 211 Rapid Test HBsAg Serum Nova Test Strip Serum 100 T
Hepatitis B HBV 212 Rapid Test HBsAg Serum Nova Test Cassette Serum 25 T
Hepatitis B HBV 213 Rapid Test HBsAg WB Nova Test Strip WB 100 T
Hepatitis B HBV 214 Rapid Test HBsAg WB Nova Test Cassette WB 25 T
Hepatitis B HBV 221 Rapid Test HBsAb Serum Nova Test Strip Serum 100 T
Hepatitis B HBV 222 Rapid Test HBsAb Serum Nova Test Cassette Serum 25 T
Hepatitis C HCV 271 Rapid Test HCV Serum Nova Test Strip Serum 100 T
Hepatitis C HCV 272 Rapid Test HCV Serum Nova Test Cassette Serum 25 T
Tuberculosis TB 412 Rapid Test Tubercolosis Antibody Nova Test Cassette S/P 25 T
Malaria MAL 422 Rapid Test Differential Malaria Pf/PvAntibody Nova Test Cassette S/P/WB 25 T
Dengue DNG 431 Rapid Test Dengue Virus IgG/IgM Antibody Nova Test Cassette S/P/WB 25 T
Dengue DNG 432 Rapid Test Dengue  NS-1 Ag Antigen Nova Test Cassette S/P/WB 25 T
H.P H.P 441 Rapid Test Helicobacteri Pylori Antibody Nova Test Cassette S/P/WB 25 T
HIV 1/2 HIV 311 Rapid Test Anti-HIV 1/2 Types Nova Test Cassette Serum 25 T
HIV 1/3 HIV 312 Rapid Test Anti-HIV 1/2 Types Nova Test Cassette WB 25 T
HIV 1/4 HIV 313 Rapid Test Anti-HIV Tri-Line 1/2 Types Nova Test Cassette S/P/WB 25 T
Syphilis TP 331 Rapid Test Syphilis Antibody Nova Test Strip Serum 100 T
Syphilis TP 332 Rapid Test Syphilis Antibody Nova Test Cassette Serum 25 T
Urine Reagent Strips
Product Cat # Description Of Product Format Specimen Test/Tube
Urine Analysis Strip URS 810 10P for Blood/Billirubin/Urobilinogen/ Strip Urine 100 T
Urine Analysis Strip URS 810 Ketone/Protein/Nitrite/Glucose/pH/
Urine Analysis Strip URS 810 Specific Gravity/Leucocytes
Urine Analysis Strip URS 811 11P for Blood/Billirubin/Urobilinogen/ Strip Urine 100 T
Urine Analysis Strip URS 811 Ketone/Protein/Nitrite/Glucose/pH/
Urine Analysis Strip URS 811 Specific Gravity/Leucocytes/Ascorbic Acid
Drug Of Abuse Test
Product Cat # Description Of Product Format Specimen Test/Tube
Drugs Of Abuse AMP 611 Rapid Test Narkoba Amphetamine Nova Test Strip Urine 100T
Drugs Of Abuse AMP 612 Rapid Test Narkoba Amphetamine Nova Test Cassette Urine 25T
Drugs Of Abuse BZO 631 Rapid Test Narkoba Benzodiazepine Nova Test Strip Urine 100T
Drugs Of Abuse BZO 632 Rapid Test Narkoba Benzodiazepine Nova Test Cassette Urine 25T
Drugs Of Abuse COC 641 Rapid Test Narkoba Cocaine Nova Test Strip Urine 100T
Drugs Of Abuse COC 642 Rapid Test Narkoba Cocaine Nova Test Cassette Urine 25T
Drugs Of Abuse MET 661 Rapid Test Narkoba Methaphetamine (mAMP) Nova Test Strip Urine 100T
Drugs Of Abuse MET 662 Rapid Test Narkoba Methaphetamine (mAMP) Nova Test Cassette Urine 25T
Drugs Of Abuse MOR 671 Rapid Test Narkoba Morphine ( MOP ) Nova Test Strip Urine 100T
Drugs Of Abuse MOR 672 Rapid Test Narkoba Morphine ( MOP ) Nova Test Cassette Urine 25T
Drugs Of Abuse PCP 6011 Rapid Test Narkoba Phencyclidine Nova Test Strip Urine 100T
Drugs Of Abuse PCP 6012 Rapid Test Narkoba Phencyclidine Nova Test Cassette Urine 25T
Drugs Of Abuse THC 6031 Rapid Test Narkoba Marijuana Nova Test Strip Urine 100T
Drugs Of Abuse THC 6032 Rapid Test Narkoba Marijuana Nova Test Cassette Urine 25T
Drugs Of Abuse DOA 603 Rapid Test Narkoba Multi 3Drug Screening Test (THC/AMP/MOP) Panel Urine 20T
Drugs Of Abuse DOA 605 Rapid Test Narkoba Multi 5Drug Screening Test Panel Urine 20T
Drugs Of Abuse DOA 605 ( THC/AMP/BZO/COC/MOP )
Other Rapid Test
Product Cat # Description Of Product Format Specimen Test/Tube
Alcohol ALC 711 Rapid Test Narkoba Alcohol 5.0mm Nova Test


Reagen Laboratorium Merk Dumo Lab

227890555 Reagen Albumin BCG Dumo 5x100ml + std
227890556 Reagen Albumin BCG Dumo 5x25ml + std
227890539 Reagen Albumin Standard Dumo 1x3ml
227956347 Reagen Alkaline Phospatase, mod IFCC Dumo 4x50ml + 1x50ml
227956348 Reagen Alkaline Phospatase, mod IFCC Dumo 4x25ml + 1x25ml
227825451 Reagen Alpha-Amylase, mod IFCC Dumo 4x10ml + 1x10ml
227955755 Reagen Bilirubin Auto Total DCA Dumo 4x100ml R1 + 1x100ml R2
227955467 Reagen Bilirubin Auto Direct DCA Dumo 4x100ml R1 + 1x100ml R2
16916491 Reagen Bilirubin Total, Jendr Grof Dumo 5x50ml R1 + 1x10ml R2
16916492 Reagen Bilirubin Total, Jendr Grof Dumo 5x25ml R1 + 1x5ml R2
16920587 Reagen Bilirubin Direct, Jendr Grof Dumo 5x50ml R1 + 1x10ml R2
16920588 Reagen Bilirubin Direct, Jendr Grof Dumo 5x25ml R1 + 1x5ml R2
218183451 Reagen Calcium Arsenazo Dumo 5x100ml + std
218183452 Reagen Calcium Arsenazo Dumo 5x50ml + std
227871067 Reagen Calcium Standard Dumo 1x3ml
227938603 Reagen Cholesterol CHOD-PAP Dumo 1x1000ml + std
227938604 Reagen Cholesterol CHOD-PAP Dumo 5x100ml + std
227938605 Reagen Cholesterol CHOD-PAP Dumo 5x50ml + std
227938606 Reagen Cholesterol CHOD-PAP Dumo 5x25ml + std
227873083 Reagen Cholesterol Standard Dumo 1x3ml
218632731 Reagen Cholesterol HDL Precipitant Dumo 5x50ml
218632747 Reagen Cholesterol HDL Precipitant Dumo 5x10ml
251863563 Reagen Cholesterol HDL Direct Dumo 4x90ml R1 + 1x120ml R2 + cal
251863564 Reagen Cholesterol HDL Direct Dumo 4x45ml R1 + 1x60ml R2 + cal
251863565 Reagen Cholesterol HDL Direct Dumo 4×22.5ml R1 + 1x30ml R2 + cal
251883787 Reagen Cholesterol HDL Calibrator Dumo 1x3ml
251994907 Reagen Cholesterol LDL Direct Dumo 4x45ml R1 + 1x60ml R2 + cal
251994908 Reagen Cholesterol LDL Direct Dumo 4×22.5ml R1 + 1x30ml R2 + cal
251994909 Reagen Cholesterol LDL Direct Dumo 4x9ml R1 + 1x12ml R2 + cal
251883803 Reagen Cholesterol LDL Auto Calibrator Dumo 1x1ml
218394635 Reagen Cholinesterase Dumo 4x25ml R1 + 1x25ml R2
219174923 Reagen CK-MB, opt DGKC/IFCC Dumo 4x25ml R1 + 1x25ml R2
219174924 Reagen CK-MB, opt DGKC/IFCC Dumo 4x10ml R1 + 1x10ml R2
227956811 Reagen CK-NAC, opt DGKC/IFCC Dumo 4x50ml R1 + 1x50ml R2
227956812 Reagen CK-NAC, opt DGKC/IFCC Dumo 4x10ml R1 + 1x10ml R2
227957099 Reagen Creatinine, mod Jaffe Dumo 4x100ml R1 + 1x100ml R2 + std
227957100 Reagen Creatinine, mod Jaffe Dumo 4x25ml R1 + 1x25ml R2 + std
227825979 Reagen Creatinine Standard Dumo 1x3ml
227958891 Reagen Gamma-GT SZASZ Stand to IFCC Dumo 4x50ml R1 + 1x50ml R2
227958892 Reagen Gamma-GT SZASZ Stand to IFCC Dumo 4x25ml R1 + 1x25ml R2
227958893 Reagen Gamma-GT SZASZ Stand to IFCC Dumo 4x10ml R1 + 1x10ml R2
227877387 Reagen Glucose GOD PAP Dumo 1x1000ml + std
227877388 Reagen Glucose GOD PAP Dumo 5x100ml + std
227877389 Reagen Glucose GOD PAP Dumo 5x25ml + std
227877419 Reagen Glucose Standard Dumo 1x3ml
227959099 Reagen GOT (AST), mod IFCC Dumo 4x100ml R1 + 1x100ml R2
227959100 Reagen GOT (AST), mod IFCC Dumo 4x50ml R1 + 1x50ml R2
227959101 Reagen GOT (AST), mod IFCC Dumo 4x25ml R1 + 1x25ml R2
227959355 Reagen GPT (ALT), mod IFCC Dumo 4x100ml R1 + 1x100ml R2
227959356 Reagen GPT (ALT), mod IFCC Dumo 4x50ml R1 + 1x50ml R2
227959357 Reagen GPT (ALT), mod IFCC Dumo 4x25ml R1 + 1x25ml R2
218129819 Reagen LDH-L, IFCC Dumo 4x25ml R1 + 1x25ml R2
218186651 Reagen Lipase Enzym Colorim Dumo 4x25ml R1 + 1x25ml R2
227895339 Reagen Protein Total, Biuret Dumo 4x100ml R1 + 1x100ml R2 + std
227895340 Reagen Protein Total, Biuret Dumo 4x25ml R1 + 1x25ml R2 + std
227829835 Reagen Protein Total Standard Dumo 1x3ml
227948635 Reagen Triglycerides, GOD-PAP Dumo 1x1000ml + std
227948636 Reagen Triglycerides, GOD-PAP Dumo 5x100ml + std
227948637 Reagen Triglycerides, GOD-PAP Dumo 5x50ml + std
227948638 Reagen Triglycerides, GOD-PAP Dumo 5x25ml + std
227883035 Reagen Triglycerides Standard Dumo 1x3ml
67260427 Reagen Urea, Urease Colorimetric Dumo 2x125ml R1 + 3×83.3ml R2 + 1×2.5ml R3 + std
227897467 Reagen Urea Standard Dumo 1x3ml
227897403 Reagen Urea UV Auto, Urease/GLDH Dumo 4x50ml R1 + 1x50ml R2 + std
227897404 Reagen Urea UV Auto, Urease/GLDH Dumo 4x25ml R1 + 1x25ml R2 + std
227897405 Reagen Urea UV Auto, Urease/GLDH Dumo 4x10ml R1 + 1x10ml + std
227897467 Reagen Urea Standard Dumo 1x3ml
227886475 Reagen Uric Acid TBHA Dumo 4x100ml R1 + 1x100ml R2 + std
227886476 Reagen Uric Acid TBHA Dumo 4x50ml R1 + 1x50ml R2 + std
227886477 Reagen Uric Acid TBHA Dumo 4x25ml R1 + 1x25ml R2 + std
227886478 Reagen Uric Acid TBHA Dumo 4x10ml R1 + 1x10ml + std
227886459 Reagen Uric Acid Standard Dumo 1x3ml


Produk Micropipette Dumo Lab

Cat. # Description of Products Format Volume Quarant
FA-205 Micropipette Fix 2.5 Unit 2.5 ul 12M
FA-5 Micropipette Fix 5 Unit 5 ul 12M
FA-10 Micropipette Fix 10 Unit 10 ul 12M
FA-20 Micropipette Fix 20 Unit 20 ul 12M
FA-50 Micropipette Fix 50 Unit 50 ul 12M
FA-100 Micropipette Fix 100 Unit 100 ul 12M
FA-200 Micropipette Fix 200 Unit 200 ul 12M
FA-250 Micropipette Fix 250 Unit 250 ul 12M
FA-500 Micropipette Fix 500 Unit 500 ul 12M
FA-1000 Micropipette Fix 1000 Unit 1000 ul 12M
Cat. # Description of Products Format Range Increment
VA-125 Micropipette Variable 125 Unit 0.1-2.5ul 0,01
VA-100 Micropipette Variable 100 Unit 0.5-10ul 0,1
VA-200 Micropipette Variable 200 Unit 5-50ul 0,5
VA-300 Micropipette Variable 300 Unit 50-200ul 1
VA-400 Micropipette Variable 400 Unit 200-1000ul 5
VA-500 Micropipette Variable 500 Unit 10-100ul 0,5
VA-600 Micropipette Variable 600 Unit 100-1000ul 5
VA-700 Micropipette Variable 700 Unit 2-20ul 0,1
VA-800 Micropipette Variable 800 Unit 20-200ul 1
VA-900 Micropipette Variable 900 Unit 1000-5000ul 50
Cat. # Description of Products Format Volume Quarant
FAP-205 Micropipette Fix 2.5 Unit 2.5 ul 36M
FAP-5 Micropipette Fix 5 Unit 5 ul 36M
FAP-10 Micropipette Fix 10 Unit 10 ul 36M
FAP-20 Micropipette Fix 20 Unit 20 ul 36M
FAP-50 Micropipette Fix 50 Unit 50 ul 36M
FAP-100 Micropipette Fix 100 Unit 100 ul 36M
FAP-200 Micropipette Fix 200 Unit 200 ul 36M
FAP-250 Micropipette Fix 250 Unit 250 ul 36M
FAP-500 Micropipette Fix 500 Unit 500 ul 36M
FAP-1000 Micropipette Fix 1000 Unit 1000 ul 36M
Cat. # Description of Products Format Range Increment
VAP-125 Micropipette Variable 125 Unit 0.1-2.5ul 0,01
VAP-100 Micropipette Variable 100 Unit 0.5-10ul 0,1
VAP-200 Micropipette Variable 200 Unit 5-50ul 0,5
VAP-300 Micropipette Variable 300 Unit 50-200ul 1
VAP-400 Micropipette Variable 400 Unit 200-1000ul 5
VAP-500 Micropipette Variable 500 Unit 10-100ul 0,5
VAP-600 Micropipette Variable 600 Unit 100-1000ul 5
VAP-700 Micropipette Variable 700 Unit 2-20ul 0,1
VAP-800 Micropipette Variable 800 Unit 20-200ul 1
VAP-900 Micropipette Variable 900 Unit 1000-5000ul 50


Produk Plastic Ware | Plastik Container

Pot urine non sterile 10 cc  Lokal
Pot urine non sterile 20 cc  Lokal
Pot urine non sterile 30 cc  Lokal
Pot urine non sterile 50 cc  Lokal
Pot urine non sterile 75 cc  Lokal
Pot urine non sterile 100 cc  Lokal
Pot urine non sterile 200 cc  Lokal
Pot urine non sterile 60 cc tutup merah  Lokal
Pot urine non sterile 60 cc tutup hijau  Lokal
Pot urine non sterile 60 cc tutup biru  Lokal
Pot feces 60 cc tutup cokelat  Lokal
Pot feces 30 cc transparant  Lokal
Tabung Centrifuge Plastik 50ml
Pot dahak / sputum 5×6 cm  Lokal
Pot dahak / sputum 5×7 cm  Lokal
Pot dahak / sputum 5×6 cm berskala  Lokal
Pot urine sterile 60 cc tutup kuning  Lokal
Petridish Plastik 150x15mm
Petridish Plastik 90x15mm
Pot feces 30cc / Stool container 30ml  pcs
Pot feces 60cc / Stool container 60ml  pcs
K1018 Pot Dahak / Sputum container 30cc  pcs
Pot dahak / Sputum container 5×7 cm  pcs
Pot dahak / Sputum container 5×6 cm  pcs
Pot urine non sterile 60 ml tutup merah  pcs
Pot urine sterile 60 ml tutup kuning  pcs
Pot urine 100ml tutup merah  pcs
K1015 Urine container 30 ml  pcs
K1025 Urine container 30 ml  pcs
Pot urine lokal 30 ml  pcs
Pot urine lokal 50 ml  pcs
Pot urine lokal 100 ml  pcs
Vaccutainer EDTA K3 2ml  100pcs/box
Vaccutainer EDTA K3 2ml G  100pcs/box
Vaccutainer EDTA K3 3ml  100pcs/box
Vaccutainer EDTA K3 3ml G  100pcs/box
Vaccutainer EDTA K3 5ml  100pcs/box
Vaccutainer EDTA K3 7ml  100pcs/box
Vaccutainer EDTA K2 2ml  100pcs/box
Vaccutainer EDTA K2 3ml  100pcs/box
Vaccutainer EDTA K2 3ml G  100pcs/box
Vaccutainer EDTA K3 10ml  100pcs/box
Vaccutainer Citrat 1,8ml  100pcs/box
vaccutainer citrat 2,7ml  100pcs/box
vaccutainer citrat 4,5ml  100pcs/box
Vacctainer glucose 2ml/ NAF 2ml  100pcs/box
Vacctainer glucose 2ml G/ NAF 2ml  100pcs/box
Vaccutainer Li heparin 3ml  100pcs/box
Vaccutainer plain 5ml G  100pcs/box
Vaccutainer plain 5ml  100pcs/box
Vaccutainer plain 3ml G  100pcs/box
Vaccutainer plain 3ml  100pcs/box
Vaccutainer plain 10ml 16×100  100pcs/box
Vaccutainer plain 10ml G  100pcs/box
Vaccutainer clot activator 3ml G  100pcs/box
Vaccutainer clot activator 3ml  100pcs/box
Vaccutainer clot activator 5ml  100pcs/box
Vaccutainer clot activator 5ml G  100pcs/box
Vaccutainer clot activator 7ml  100pcs/box
Vaccutainer clot activator + Gel 4ml  100pcs/box
Vaccutainer clot activator + Gel 5ml  100pcs/box
Vaccutainer clot activator + Gel 6ml  100pcs/box
Microtainer EDTA K3 0.5ml  100pcs/box
Microtainer EDTA K2 0.5ml  100pcs/box
Microtainer plain 0.5ml  100pcs/box
Microtainer clot activator + Gel 0.5ml  100pcs/box
Microtainer Li heparin 0,5ml  100pcs/box
Capilary plain 0,5ml  100pcs/box
Capilary EDTA K3 0.5ml  100pcs/box
Tabung ESR 1,28ml  100pcs/box
Tabung ESR 1,6ml  100pcs/box
Rack ESR 1,6ml  1pcs
Holder  100pcs/box
Needle 22Gx1, 1/4  100pcs/box
Needle 21Gx1, 1/2  100pcs/box
Butterfly Needle 22Gx 3/4  100pcs/box
Butterfly Needle 25Gx 3/4  100pcs/box
Needle 22G size ( black )x1, 1/2  100pcs/box
Needle flashback 22G ( black )x1  100pcs/box
Sample cup 2ml  500pcs
Sample cup 1,5ml / Serum  500pcs
Sample cup 0,5ml  500pcs
Sample cup hitachi  1000pcs
Cuvette stago  150pcs
Cuvette roche  50pcs
Sedimen urine  1000pcs
centrifuge tube 15ml  100pcs
Yellow tips effendorf 200ul  1000pcs
Yellow tips gilson 200ul  1000pcs
Blue tips effendorf 1000ul  500pcs
Blue tips gilson 1000ul  500pcs
White tips gilson 10ul  1000pcs
Test tube 12x75ml Tabung reaksi plastik  500pcs
Transfer pipette 1ml  500pcs
Transfer pipette 2ml  500pcs
Transfer pipette 3ml  500pcs
Transfer pipette 3ml sterile  100pcs
Transfer pipette 5ml  250pcs
Pot Urine 60ml Tutup Merah LABWARE
Cyro tube 1,8  500pcs
Torniquet 45cm x 2,5cm  1pcs
Tube with swab ( swab sterile )  100pcs
Test tube stopper 12mm universal ( tutup tabung reaksi )  1000pcs
Pot Urine 60ml Tutup Hijau LABWARE
Centrifuge LC-04 S ( 12x20ml )  1 unit
Centrifuge LC-04 R ( 6x20ml )  1 unit
Roller mixer  1 unit
Vortex XH-C  1 unit
Rotator mixer 3D  1 unit

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Produk Reagen Biolabo

Reagent Kimia Klinik
Cat Produk Nama Produk Volume Vol in mL
99029 ALCOHOL (Ethanol) 10 X 10 mL 100
99059 ALCOHOL (Ethanol) 2 X 100 mL 200
99261 AMMONIA 6 X 20 mL 120
80002 ALBUMIN 2 X 200 mL 400
80027 ALT/GPT (IFCC.) Single Vial 20 X 10 mL 200
80127 ALT/GPT (IFCC.) Single Vial 8 X 30 mL 240
80227 ALT/GPT (IFCC.) Single Vial 10 X 125 mL 1.250
80327 ALT/GPT (IFCC.) Single Vial 6 X 200 mL 1.200
92027 TGP (ALT) Colorimetric 100 Tests 200
80023 AMYLASE PNPG7 20 X 3 mL 60
80123 AMYLASE PNPG7 8 X 20 mL 160
99523 AMYLASE CNPG3 20 X 5 mL 100
99123 AMYLASE CNPG3 8 X 30 mL 240
99881 LIPASE (Kinetic Method) 3 x 10 ml 30
80025 AST/GOT (IFCC.) Single Vial 20 X 10 mL 200
80125 AST/GOT (IFCC.) Single Vial 8 X 30 mL 240
80225 AST/GOT (IFCC.) Single Vial 10 X 125 mL 1.250
80325 AST/GOT (IFCC.) Single Vial 6 X 200 mL 1.200
92025 TGO (AST) Colorimetric 100 Tests 210
99832 BICARBONATE 8 X 30 mL 240
99852 BICARBONATE 6 X 100 mL 600
80443 TOTAL BILIRUBIN (DMSO) 2 X 200 mL 1.400
80403 TOTAL & DIRECT BILIRUBIN (DMSO) 2 X 200 mL 400
97443 TOTAL BILIRUBIN (DCA) 2 X 200 mL 400
97553 DIRECT BILIRUBIN (DCA) 2 X 200 mL 400
90004 CALCIUM ARSENAZO III 2 X 125 mL 250
80004 CALCIUM CPC 2 X 200 mL 400
80005 CHLORIDE 2 X 125 mL 250
80106 CHOLESTEROL CHOD-PAP 2 X 100 mL 200
LP80106 CHOLESTEROL CHOD-PAP Liquid 2 X 100 mL 200
87656 CHOLESTEROL CHOD-PAP 6 X 500 mL 3.000
87356 CHOLESTEROL CHOD-PAP 10 X 100 mL 1.000
80156-3 Standard Cholesterol R3 5 mL 5
86536 HDL-CHOLESTEROL PTA 300 Tests 1 X 30 mL 35
86516 HDL-CHOLESTEROL PTA 1250 Tests 1 X 125 mL 130
90206 HDL-CHOLESTEROL DIRECT 200-250 Tests 80
90406 HDL-CHOLESTEROL DIRECT 400-500 Tests 160
90426 HDL-CHOLESTEROL DIRECT 2000-2500 T. 800
90416 LDL-CHOLESTEROL DIRECT 100-125 Tests 40
90816 LDL-CHOLESTEROL DIRECT 200-250 Tests 80
95526 HDL/LDL/CKMB Control Lev.2 2 X 2 ml 4
95516 HDL/LDL/CKMB Control Lev.1 2 x 2 ml 4
92315 STONE ANALYSIS SET 100 Tests 100
92330 STONE ANALYSIS SET 40 Tests 40
92207 CK – NAC (IFCC) 20 X 3 mL 60
92307 CK – NAC (IFCC) 8 X 20 mL 160
97217 CK – MB 10 X 3 mL 30
97317 CK – MB 8 X 20 mL 160
95506 HDL/LDL/CK-MB CALIBRATOR 2 x 2 ml 4
80107 CREATININE (KINETIC) 2 X 125 mL 250
82526 CHOLINESTERASE (Butyrylthiocholine) 5 x 10 mL 50
80008 IRON ( SFBC) 2 X 100 mL 200
92308 T.I.B.C. 30 Tests 30
97408 U.I.B.C. 2 X 125 mL 250
80110 GAMMA GT 8 X 30 mL 240
80210 GAMMA GT 10 X 10 mL 100
80310 GAMMA GT 10 X 100 mL 1.000
97089 G 6 PDH 20 Test 83
95089 G 6 PDH Control Normal 6 x 0.5 ml 3
95289 G 6 PDH Control Deficient 6 x 0.5 ml 3
80009 GLUCOSE GOD-PAP 500 mL 500
LP80209 GLUCOSE GOD-PAP Liquid 2 x 200 mL 400
LP87809 GLUCOSE GOD-PAP Liquid 8 x 200 mL 1.600
87109 GLUCOSE GOD-PAP 6 X 250 mL 1.500
16GL8 GLUCOSE GOD-PAP 6 x 1000 mL 6.000
82250 HAEMOGLOBIN(concentrated 1/50) 1 X 50 mL 50
3502200 HAEMOGLOBIN 2 X 200 mL 400
92011 L.D.H. (LDH-P) 20 X 3 mL 60
92111 L.D.H. (LDH-P) 10 X 15 mL 150
87212 MAGNESIUM CALMAGITE + test in RBC 2 X 250 mL 500
98212 MAGNESIUM CALMAGITE High Stability 2 x 200 ml 400
92314 ALKALINE PHOSPHATASE (DGKC) 10 X 100 mL 1.000
82560 PHOSPHATASE ACIDE T&P Cinétique 10 x 15 mL 150
3300060 ACID PHOSPHATASE T&P 60 Tests 265
80015 PHOSPHOROUS (INORG.) U.V. 2 X 125 mL 250
80016 TOTAL PROTEIN 2 X 500 mL 1.000
LP87016 PROTEINES TOTALES Prêt à l’emploi 1 X 200 mL 200
97016 U.S. PROTEIN (Urinary Protein) 2 X 125 mL 250
80019 TRIGLYCERIDES GPO 2 X 50 mL 100
87319 TRIGLYCERIDES GPO 10 X 100 mL 1.000
80221 UREA COLORIMETRIC 2 X 125 mL 250
80321 UREA COLORIMETRIC 2 X 500 mL 1.000
92032 UREA U.V. Kinetic 7 X 30 mL 210
92132 UREA U.V. Kinetic 10 X 100 mL 1.000
99032 UREA U.V. Kinetic High Linearity 8 X 30 mL 240
99132 UREA U.V. Kinetic High Linearity 10 X 100 mL 1.000
80351 URIC ACID (URICASE) 6 X 30 mL 240
80001 URIC ACID (URICASE) 2 X 100 mL 200
87601 URIC ACID (URICASE) 6 X 200 mL 1.200
22010 HbA1C Turbidimetric 1 x 30 ml 30
22012 HbA1C Calibrator 4 x 0.5 ml 2
22013 HbA1C Control Level Normal 1×0.5
Control calibrator
95010 BIOLABO EXATROL-N (Normal Level) 10 X 5 mL 50
95011 BIOLABO EXATROL-P (Pathological Level) 10 X 5 mL 50
95015 MULTICALIBRATOR 10 x 5 mL 50
Clinical Chemistry Instrument
35173GB Kenza Max unit
190078 Kenza 120 TX unit
190089 Kenza 240 TX unit
13880 Bio-TP (PT) 6 x 4 mL 24
13702 Bio-TP (PTLI) 10 x 2 mL 20
13885 Bio-TP (PT) 10 x 2 mL 20
13881 Bio-TP (TP) 6 x 12 mL 72
13883 Citrated Owren-Koller Buffer 60 mL 60
APTT (Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time)
13560 Bio – CK ( APTT) 6 x 3 mL 18
13570 Bio – CK ( APTT ) 6 x 10 mL 60
13565 Calcium Chloride 0.025M ( Ready to use ) 60 mL 60
13450 Bio – FIBRI ( Fibrinogen test) +Buffer 6 x 4 mL + 125 mL 24
13451 Bio – FIBRI ( Fibrinogen Clotting Determination ) + 6 x 10 mL + 300 mL 60
13980 BIO-TT THROMBINE TIME (TT) 12 X 2 ml 24
13961 Normal Control Plasma 6 x 1 mL 6
13962 Pathological ( high ) Control Plasma 6 x 1 mL 6
510200 Biosolea 2 unit
510201 Biosolea 4 Unit
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